MACCS: The Complete Mortuary & Cemetery Software Solution

MACCS™ is the only complete, comprehensive, and fully integrated mortuary and cemetery software program available on the market today. MACCS™ was developed to address all the computer software needs of an organization providing cemetery, mortuary, and funeral services. From Pre-need sales prospecting all the way through interment (and everything in between!), MACCS provides an easy to use, flexible, and completely integrated system for memorial parks and mortuaries providing funeral services.

MACCS™ Mapping provides GIS cemetery mapping capabilities integrated in real-time with the information in the MACCS™ Cemetery Property database.

Comprehensive, integrated, and easy-to-use, MACCS is the only cemetery or funeral home management solution your organization will ever need.


The MACCS™ Advantage

This comprehensive cemetery software and mortuary software is unparalleled in its flexibility and integration. No other cemetery software can match its incredible depth. No other cemetery mapping software can compare to its ease-of-use. And no other mortuary or funeral home software has such comprehensive database and accounting integration and functionality. Find out what gives MACCS™ the leg up on the competition.

FPA Software

As the developer of MACCScemetery software, mortuary software, and funeral home software, we have provided solutions to the cemetery and funeral industry for over a decade. Our expertise in the funeral services industry is based on our years of experience, our underlying business management acumen, and ultimately on our technical expertise in software development.


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