Software Overview

MACCS™ addresses all of the system requirements that a memorial park, mortuary, or funeral home providing funeral services would have.

The comprehensive list of features gives it the advantage. On top of that, every aspect of MACCS™ is fully integrated. From Pre-Need Sales Prospecting to Pre-Need Trust Management to Cemetery Property Inventory Management to Mortuary/Funeral Service Case Management to Contract Entry to Casket Inventory Management to managing your Accounts Receivable - anywhere in the process - all client details are readily available. Every piece of information is just one click away!

MACCS™ was designed and built upon the concept of giving end users the ability to configure it to meet your needs. Througout the software, setup codes allow complete customization to make it unique to the way you run your business. MACCS is truly your cemetery software.

Every aspect of our system was developed with the user in mind — from the menus to layout of the screens to the field names, even down to every button. Our job from day one has been to ensure that MACCS™ is easy and friendly to use while providing quick access to any piece of information a cemetery/mortuary would need. The result is the most complete cemetery software and funeral home software available in the industry.

Cemetery Mapping

Our MACCS™ Mapping module provides GIS mapping capabilities integrated in real-time with the information in the MACCS™ Cemetery Property Inventory database. Developed in a strategic partnership with the industry leader, Ramaker & Associates, MACCS™ Mapping is based on the industry standard ESRI ArcInfo system, the most complete GIS data creation, update, query, mapping, and analysis tool.

Industry standard integration

MACCS™ is integrated with MS-Outlook. It's designed to improve your organization's communication and tracking of prospects, issues, and cases, and ultimately improving the productivity of the organization.

MACCS™ is integrated with Crystal Reports allowing your staff to modify many of the forms as well as create reports "on the fly".

Complete Enterprise Solution

MACCS™ is complete, flexible, fully integrated, and easy to use, providing all the functionality and features needed in a first-class cemetery software or funeral home software package. Only one system is needed to manage all your cemetery, mortuary, or funeral home management and accounting integration needs. Learn more about the MACCS™ Advantage.

General Features

  various levels of security throughout the system
  provides a complete audit trail (change history tracks all changes to records showing date, user, and the change - down to the field level)
  allows multiple batches to be entered simultaneously to facilitate multi-user capabilities
  MACCS Inquiry functionality provides an easy and quick way for front office staff to have view-only access to key information such as accounting and contract details
  MS-Terminal Server and Citrix Metaframe compatible for multi-location capabilities

Mortuary/Funeral Service

  Mortuary module integrates with all other modules - no double entry of data already in the system!
  allows for full serialized and non-serialized inventory tracking of all mortuary consumables
  tracks information throughout the funeral service process from the initial First Call through the mortuary through the service to interment and more
  integrated lookup files - pickup companies, hospitals, doctors
  advanced tracking and reconciliation of cash advance items - obituaries, limosine services, and more
  advanced ship-in and ship-out tracking

Centralized Client Database

  tracks prospective clients, client contacts, and related communications
  integrates with MS-Outlook to create emails and followup calendar entries
  tracks all roles the person has in the system allowing "drill-down" capabilities to see all related detail

Accounts Receivable

  instant access to all A/R information for an account
  performs and tracks interest earned for payments on account
  fully customizable commission tracking
  Cash Advances module tracks and reconciles Cash Advances made during At-need sales contracts with actual charges incurred
  specific sales promotions can be tracked and reported on
  interest payment tracking

Contract Entry

  enter cemetery and mortuary contracts and immediately affect Property Inventory
  attach documents to contracts such as correspondence, tablet designs or even scanned images
  enter contracts for existing clients or add new clients "on the fly"
  capture customer signatures to complete the contract

General Ledger

  G/L entries are created for all transactions within the system and can be posted to most 3rd Party accounting packages (MAS90, Great Plains, Quickbooks, etc.)
  allows property sales to post based on specific Property Types
  allows the allocation of property sales to be separated between multiple parks and further between Pre-need and At-need between parks


Cemetery Property Inventory

  allows property to be tracked between multiple parks easily
  allows property records to be priced individually (per burial space) or grouped together (per location)
  allows multiple property purchasers per property record
  allows multiple deeded owners per property location or per deed
  MACCS Property Quick Entry and Property Quick Change functions allow a quick and easy way to enter or change information about blocks of property records (ie: price changes, status changes, etc.)
  integrated with MACCS Mapping allows quick and immediate access to the GIF maps from any of the MACCS™ Property screens

Pre-Sales Prospects

  capture your prospects before they become clients
  integrates with MS-Outlook™ to seamlessly create and track emails as well as calendar followup events
  integrates with MS-Word™ to seamlessly create letters from standardized Word™ templates
  create mass-mailings to prospects, clients, or both!
  attach documents to prospects such as correspondence, tablet designs or even scanned images

Pre-Need Trusts

  allows trusts to be tracked
  performs and tracks automated semi-annual interest calculations as well as interest matching upon use of Trust
  Trust module fully integrated with Mortuary module
  calculates and prints semi-annual interest checks
  allows multiple beneficiaries per Trust
  prints 1099's and creates magnetic media for IRS filing (additional accounting module required)

Casket Inventory

  tracks serialized casket inventory throughout the system
  tracks vendor purchase orders, quantities on hand, minimum quantity reorder points
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