We believe that a successful project does not end with the sale, nor simply with the installation. Rather our charter is to build long-term relationships with our clients to ensure their success in using MACCS™ to enhance their business operations and improve the services they provide to their clients for years to come.

We understand the investment made when implementing a system like MACCS™ – both in money but more importantly in time. Implementing a Mortuary / Cemetery system involves a serious commitment by an organization and we feel that our success can only be achieved by ensuring the success of our clients. To that end, our consulting staff provides all the after sales services required, from implementation, data conversion, training, and support, to ultimately ensure the long-term success of the system. Our services include:


Implementation Services


Data Conversion






Custom Crystal Report Development

When implementing an enterprise-wide software solution like MACCS™, methodology is everything. Our methodologies, checklists, implementation plans, and procedures have been developed in detail and honed over the past 15 years and minimize the pitfalls and omissions that seem to occur with software implementations. Our consultants are experienced professionals who know the system, understand real-world business implications, and learn your business to help you with a successful implementation.

Some of the services we provide during a standard MACCS™ implementation include:


Pre-Implementation planning and meetings with the client


Development (and approval) of implementation checklists and


MACCS™ installation


MACCS™ configuration


Crystal Reports installation


Development of training plan


Transition planning and consulting (how to migrate from one system to


Data conversion (as needed)


Data entry management


Custom report development as needed


Ongoing business process development and assistance


Ongoing development and assistance of procedures, standards, and
related documentation

Data Conversion is a key area in a MACCS™ implementation when moving from another system. Our expertise as a software developer and many years of experience working in the funeral services industry provides us with the skills needed to ensure a successful and seamless data conversion process when moving to MACCS™. We have converted data from a variety of platforms, software, and databases into MACCS™.

Training is one of the most integral components of a project plan ensuring a successful implementation of any system. To that extent, all of our project plans include visits by our trainers for onsite training at your facilities with your staff.

Using your data, we customize an onsite training program that’s tailored to your company’s needs. This makes the courses more relevant to the users’ day-to-day jobs, helping them to learn and gain more knowledge. We also create case studies based on a typical corporate scenario that can guide your team on working through job related problems.

Customized training also gives us the flexibility to work one-on-one with users who have specific needs in receiving training or knowledge transference in a particular area of expertise. In addition, we provide training in our offices on the various aspects of the system.

We provide individual client support under the MACCS™ Annual Support Program. Depending upon the issue, we have various methods of providing support. Our Support Goal is to provide immediate support to all of our clients. Not only is it important to have the answers available immediately, but to be courteous and understanding during the process. Our support technicians have years of support under their belts and understand the intricacies of answering questions and resolving issues remotely while “flying blind”.

Our support capabilities include:


Phone: In general, most phone support calls are either answered immediately or returned within one hour. We have knowledgeable and dedicated support staff whose primary responsibility is phone support.


Remote System Support: Through the use of industry standard software like Symantec pcAnywhere, we can connect to our clients' systems through a dial-up modem, via the internet, and through VPN’s when needed.


Onsite: When all else fails or when the situation specifically calls for it, our consultants are ready and available for onsite visits to your location as needed.

Whether your organization requires a single report or a suite of reports, we can provide the specific custom reports your organization may want above and beyond the breadth of those included within MACCS™. We pride ourselves on working with our clients, understanding their requirements, and providing reports that will continue to serve their business needs well into the future. And with Crystal Reports, you have the capability to modify the custom reports we’ve developed to fine tune them whenever you need to.

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