MACCS™ Mapping

Consistent with our approach of providing a completely integrated solution, the MACCS Mapping module provides GIS cemetery mapping capabilities integrated in real-time with information in the MACCS™ Cemetery Property Inventory database.

Advanced Cemetery Mapping Technology

Developed in a strategic partnership with the industry leader, Ramaker & Associates, MACCS maps are based on the industry standard ESRI Geographic Information Software package, the most complete GIS data creation, update, query, mapping, and analysis tool available today.

Imagine being able to display a detailed map of your park on screen, and then clicking on any space to display if it's available for sale, if it’s reserved, or if it’s sold and then who owns it and all the related information.

Comprehensive Cemetery Mapping Software

  Real-time cemetery mapping software based on up-to-date information in the Cemetery Property database
  User defined status codes show the different cemetery property statuses: Reserved, Available, Sold, Interred, etc.
  User defined cemetery interment availability codes show the different availabilities: Pre-developed, Developed, Merchandise Hold, etc.
  Individual cemetery location maps can be printed showing the most current, up-to-date information
  Multi-level cemetery map views are available: generally overview, lot level, and grave level views
  Owner, deceased, and other vital information are all only one click away!
  Your existing AutoCad™ maps are converted into interactive computer maps.


The MACCS cemetery mapping software solution is truly the industry’s most comprehensive and easy to use tool available.


Property Status

Cemetery Mapping
Cemetery Property Status Screen
MACCS Mapping


Property Inventory

Cemetery Mapping
Cemetery Property Inventory Screen
MACCS Mapping
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